iNaturalist is the most widely used citizen science network for wildlife observations across Canada. PEI Nature Tracker now has access to that data with certain restrictions.
The data must be shared under Creative Commons or Nature Tracker can't access it.

And the geoprivacy must be 'open'. Nature Tracker chooses not to import sightings with obscured or private locations.
You can use iNaturalist's apps which are pretty good.
Android app on Google Play
iPhone app in the Apple App StoreThey have an A.I. wildlife recognition feature! When you upload a photo the A.I. can guess the correct species a lot of the time or at least narrow it down to a Family or Order. And after uploading your photo the users on their site may also help to identify your wildlife.

Of course you can still upload your sightings directly on PEI Nature Tracker and we will continue to be an aggregator of wildlife observations for the island, as well as allowing you the option to make your sightings private and visible only to our local wildlife organizations like the PEI Invasive Species Council or Fish and Wildlife PEI.