A few interesting sightings from 2017

January. A couple of Flying Squirrels near Souris.

May. A Northern Cardinal near Charlottetown. Uncommon for PEI. There were just 15 sightings of cardinals on ebird between 2010 and 2017. (More common birds like yellow-rumped warblers have hundreds of sightings in the same time frame).

Also in May. Two sightings of White-crowned Sparrows in the same week. There were just 14 sightings of white-crowned sparrows on ebird.

June. A great shot of a fledgling Great Horned Owl. (18 ebird sightings since 2010).

July. A nesting pair of Eastern Bluebirds. (the rarest of these perching birds,
only 8 ebird sightings).

July 12th. A great shot of a pileated woodpecker.

September. Our first Eastern Newt. We've had sightings of all three kinds of salamanders over the last year.

November. A wayward pelican stayed for a while in Black Pond.

There were many other interesting observations, like this pair of gray jays, a picture of a cute weasel, three sandhill cranes in flight, a really nice pic of a garter snake, our third observation of a Smooth Green Snake, this Blinded Sphinx Moth with bright eye spots, a pink and yellow Rosy Maple Moth, a turkey vulture soaring around O'Leary, and finally our provincial flower the Pink Lady Slipper.

You can see all these selected species on the map.