In the summer of 2014 Megan Getson with the Kensington North Watersheds Association had been recording pen-and-paper observations of wildlife during her work in the woods and streams. That autumn the data was handed over to Garry Gregory, the provincial wildlife biologist. While the data was useful he wondered if there was an easier way to gather wildlife data into a centralized database.
By the next spring Wildlife Conservation Fund funded a project to evaluate the best way to provide the province with incidental wildlife information.

In the spring of 2015 Chris Rice started working on PEI Nature Tracker.
After dismissing a few online projects as too unwieldy or too broad, two options were presented to Garry at the first assessment meeting: Nature Tracker and iNaturalist. Both were good options and both were tested during summer 2015.

Nature Tracker was only a website, so an Android app was quickly built for the project. By season's end the verdict was that PEI Nature Tracker could be a good reporting tool for the island, and that development would continue.

In 2016, with the help of the PEI Watershed Alliance, Nature Tracker was introduced to watershed groups acros the island.
Also that year an iPhone app was developed and tested by a dozen users. By May 2017 it was listed in the App Store.

In 2017 we partnered with the PEI Invasive Species Council to customize privacy settings and create more awareness of invasive species.

The main focus of Nature Tracker development has been with the website and database. It will be a goal to improve both mobile apps in 2018. You may continue using the Nature Tracker apps (the iPhone app is not currently listed in the store because we can't afford the yearly fee to list it), but it is recommended to use iNaturalist if you want to use a mobile app. Your data will be available to more people and it will still show up on PEI Nature Tracker.
If you want to report observations to Nature Tracker privately, upload through the web site.

Thank you to all our contributors, supporters and users.
Special thanks to Matthew Mackay of Charlottetown who created our owl logo.