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Pipsissewa 3
Northern Leopard Frog
Virgin Tiger Moth
Hobomok Skipper 2
Common Whitetail
Banded Soft-winged Flower Beetle 2
Yellow Velvet Beetle
Marbled-green Leuconycta Moth
Spotted Tussock Moth
Yellow Slant-line
Eastern Forktail
Hagen's Bluet
Roesel's Bush-cricket
Modest Sphinx
Small Magpie
Variegated Pond-lily 2
Green Leuconycta Moth
Pale Beauty
Salt Marsh Moth 2
Maple Callus Borer Moth 2
Pistachio Emerald
Horrid Zale Moth 2
Marsh Cinquefoil
Northern Moon Snail
Bluntleaf Sandwort 2
Northern Crescent 3
Pale Sedge
Sea Milkwort 2
Owl-eyed Bird Dropping Moth
Luna Moth
Blinded Sphinx
Flame-shouldered Dart
Rosy Maple Moth
White Slant-line
Rosy Maple Moth
Columbia Silk Moth
Hoary Mugwort 2
Sweet-fern 2
Yellow Warbler
False Solomon's-seal 2
Bluebead Lily
Canadian Bunchberry
Canada Mayflower
Bog Myrtle
Blue-eyed Grass
Bald-faced Hornet 3
Arched Hooktip
Northern Crescent