A few interesting sightings from 2017

January. A couple of Flying Squirrels near Souris.

May. A Northern Cardinal near Charlottetown. Uncommon for PEI. There were just 15 sightings of cardinals on ebird between 2010 and 2017. (More common birds like yellow-rumped warblers have hundreds of sightings in the same time frame).

Also in May. Two sightings of White-crowned Sparrows in the same week. There were just 14 sightings of white-crowned sparrows on ebird.

June. A great shot of a fledgling Great Horned Owl. (18 ebird sightings since 2010).

July. A nesting pair of Eastern Bluebirds. (the rarest of these perching birds,
only 8 ebird sightings).

September. Our first Eastern Newt. We've had sightings of all three kinds of salamanders over the last year.

There were many other interesting observations, like this pair of gray jays, a picture of a cute weasel, three sandhill cranes in flight, a really nice pic of a garter snake, our third observation of a Smooth Green Snake, this Blinded Sphinx Moth with bright eye spots, a pink and yellow Rosy Maple Moth, a turkey vulture soaring around O'Leary, and finally our provincial flower the Pink Lady Slipper.

You can see all these selected species on the map.