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Northern Parula 4
Wild Lily Of The Valley
Eastern Newt
Russet Alder Leaf Beetle
American Woodcock ---
Pileated Woodpecker ---
Northern Shoveler 4
Red-breasted Merganser 3
Seven-spotted Ladybug
Canada Fly Honeysuckle
White-throated Sparrow
Osprey 7
Osprey 3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Great Egret 4
Maritime Garter Snake
Black-and-white Warbler
Baltimore Oriole ---
Pileated Woodpecker ---
Mallard 3
Chipping Sparrow
Eastern Kingbird 2
Black-throated Green Warbler
American Beaver
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Northern Flicker 5
Northern Parula 2
Female Red-winged Black Bird
Red Fox With Kits 5
Great Blue Heron
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Ring-necked Duck 2
Osprey With Fish 6
Red Fox With Kits 3
Grey Jay 2
Greater Yellowlegs
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2
American Kestrel ---
Tree Swallow
Palm Warbler
Red-winged Blackbird
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Tree Swallow ---
Barn Swallow
Ring Necked Duck
Bald Eagle And Common Raven 5

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