Invasive Plants - Priority List

This is the list of invasive plants designated as priorities by PEI Invasive Species Council. If you see any of these plants please make an observation so the PEIISC can use the information in their management plans.

Any observations you make will not be visible to the general public, only to adminstrators of this site and members of the Invasive Species Council.


Black Knapweed Blackthorn Canada Waterweed
Common Valerian Cypress Spurge Flowering Rush
Garlic Mustard Giant Hogweed Himalayan Balsam
Leafy Spurge Oriental Bittersweet Scotch Broom
Wild Parsnip Woodland Angelica Yellow Flag Iris

1. September 11, 2017, Allan46 , Oriental Bittersweet
2. June 27, 2017, Norm , Yellow Flag Iris
3. June 20, 2017, BarryMurray , Yellow Flag Iris
4. June 7, 2017, Chris.R , Leafy Spurge
5. July 8, 2015, Chris.R , Yellow Flag Iris