Horticultural Species Of Interest

A list of horitcultural plants of interest to the PEI Invasive Species Council. If you see any of these plants please make an observation so the PEIISC can use the information in their management plans.


Autumn Joy Sedum Bugleweed Creeping Bellflower
Creeping Jenny False Spirea Goutweed
Lady's Mantle Lily-of-the-Valley Multiflora Rose
Nodding Star-of-Bethlehem Periwinkle Salt Cedar
Small Balsam Viburnum Opulus

1. May 31, 2017, BarryMurray , Autumn Joy Sedum
2. August 10, 2016, Chris.R , Creeping Jenny
3. August 4, 2016, Chris.R , Small Balsam